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Is Your Resume Holding You Back?

Line Up Interviews Now Before The Opportunities Are Gone!

A mediocre resume significantly diminishes the likelihood that you will have an interview. Your resume will defeat its mission if it:

  • Is too long
  • Rambles on (and on and on and...)
  • Is unclear, unreadable or confusing
  • Is not focused
  • Is formatted unprofessionally
  • Has spelling and grammatical errors
  • Contains employment or other inaccuracies
  • Has distracting graphics
  • Is missing critical information
  • Has incorrectly written accomplishments
  • Has long gaps in employment
  • Contains unnecessary information
  • Lacks attention-grabbing phrases
  • Lacks unique differentiators setting you apart

On the other hand, a compelling, professionally written, attention-grabbing resume

a professionally written resume opens doors

and helps you be a winner in today's tough marketplace.

By capitalizing on an extensive background in career coaching, recruitment and strategic marketing, I present your background and expertise in the best possible light to give you the competitive edge you need and ensure your success. Your new resume will leverage your potential and skills to the highest level, while lifting you far above your competition. Your new cover letter will set you apart as the best candidate for the position you seek.

My job is to ensure your transformation from:

going from job search frustration to achieving your goal

Whether you are in sales, marketing, accounting, finance, engineering, IT, pharmacy, operations, retail, general management, healthcare, procurement, teaching or any other career or discipline, allow me to put my professionalism and over 30 years of expertise to work for you, so you can achieve your career objectives. My work is guaranteed. Quick turn-around is provided at no extra cost.

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